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Newton Tree Conservancy
84 Fenwick Road
Newton, MA 02468


About Us

Who We Are
The Newton Tree Conservancy is a new, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, formed for the purpose of raising money for the preservation and planting of trees in Newton. It was born out of the recognition that the city is not in a position to cover all the costs necessary to maintain our urban forest - the trees along our streets and in our parks and other public areas, and that in order to continue to enjoy the economic and environmental benefits of these trees, we must take action to develop initiatives that will supplement what can be supported through the city's budget.

Our goal is to promote the health of Newton's trees through:

  • Funding for planting and care of new trees, as well as preservation pruning and tree maintenance in a way that will supplement - not replace - city funding
  • Educational programs to build public awareness of the value of trees and the risks of not properly caring for and replacing trees along streets and in parks and other public places, and to help people know how to keep their own trees healthy
  • Training programs and volunteer opportunities to give citizens an opportunity to participate in tree maintenance and planting

Directors and Officers
Katherine Howard, President
Penny Caponigro, Secretary
Barbara Darnell, Treasurer
John DiMiceli
Julia Malakie
Beth Wilkinson
Jack Wittenberg
ex officio: Marc Welch, City of Newton Director of Urban Forestry

Original founding directors also included:
Jay Berkson
Douglas Dickson
Deborah Howard

The Newton Tree Conservancy thanks its sponsors: Newton Community Pride (www.newtoncommunitypride.org), the Charles River Neighborhood Foundation (www.charlesriverneighborhoodfoundation.org), Newton Conservators Inc. (www.newtonconservators.org), and the City of Newton Division of Urban Forestry (www.ci.newton.ma.us/Parks/UrbanForestry/UrbanForestryMain.htm).


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